8 Cool and Fun Android Apps To Pass Your Time

Mostly we use social media sites to pass our time when away from the office in the free time. But Have you ever tried any apps from the store when boredom hits you? Human might needs refreshment, and today’s modern developers have a quite good sense of humour resulting in some cool and fun apps.

Over a few months, we have been using some of the cool looking and fun apps and created a list of the good ones.

Fun and Cool Android Apps in 2020


You might have followed different meme pages in social media sites, but this one is mainly focused on entertaining content. Although it started from a page then grew into its site and app, It has quite a good reputation in terms of funny material. Except for the content, It is also a community platform for people to share and get the daily dosage of hilarious GIFs, videos and memes.



Doublicat is a deep fake app that helps you to replace the character from a popular clip or meme into yours. The internet world gets thousands to viral meme clips and GIFs, so it might be a perfect chance for you to be in it. Despite from its amazing features and is one of the most praised deep fake apps, it also has many in-app clips, memes and a huge collection of GIFs where you can get started as soon as you install it.

Voice Changer Fun

Voice Changer Fun is an app which you can use to create or change your own recorded voice into something funnier. One of the fun apps to pass your time. Apart from creating funny sounds and voices you can also share it with your friends and make others laugh too. A must-have app for entertaining yourself!


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