Anonymous threatens Elon Musk for manipulating Bitcoin’s Value.

Anonymous threatens Elon Musk for manipulating Bitcoin’s Value.

The video posted on June 5, has gathered more than 700,000 perspectives on the stage and is named, ‘Unknown message to Elon Musk.’, was sent in the form of web reeling by the ‘Hacktivist’. group of Anonymous in their most recent Youtube video.

In the 3 minutes and 47 seconds in length video, the worldwide hacking aggregate voiced their arrangement to target Elon for causing vacillations and at last sending the cost of cryptographic forms of money (Bitcoin) plunging with his tweets.



The video previously showed up on Anonymous’s YouTube channel and has been shared on Twitter from that point forward. We hear the twisted voice of a man talking in the video, as subtitles give greater lucidity over the thing he is saying. We see an individual on screen who seems wearing the Guy Fawkes veil and a dark hoodie.

In the video, the programmer bunch asserts that the Tesla CEO has an excessive amount of control over the digital money markets. They likewise communicated they had become burnt out on the manner in which he gives off an impression of being cavalier in his mentality towards the digital money market.

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