Kerala Police Breathtaking “Enjoy Enjaami ” COVID-19 awareness dance goes viral

Kerala Police COVID-19 awareness “Enjoy Enjaami “dance goes viral

Kerala Police has requested that its residents mask up and adhere to COVID19 rules in a remarkable manner. In a 1:30-minute long video that has now turned into a web sensation, it is perceived how 9 cops are moving to the hit Tamil melody Enjoy Enjaami.

To put their message across, the first verses of the tune have been changed as they are requesting that individuals wear masks, follow COVID19 convention, and get inoculated at the most punctual.

Previously state police has also made video on How to Wear and How to use sanitizer to put awareness among people.

The video was coordinated by Kerala Police VP Pramod Kumar, who is the deputy director and Public Relations Officer at the state Police Media Center. The melody has verses by Aditya S Nair, and is sung by Nahoom Abraham and Nila Joseph. The police’s variant, wherein officials are seen doing an all around facilitated dance, was shot by Hemanth R Nair, Shifin C Raj and Rajeev CP. Transferring it on Facebook, the Kerala Police expressed, “Let’s fight the pandemic together. Kerala Police is always with you.” The fun yet educational video has racked more than four lakh views

Image Source :  State Police Media Centre

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