What a $2 million dog looks like? – The most expensive Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

People have different hobbies and among them keeping expensive pets is one of the commons. Normally people adopt the puppies and keep them as their pets. But those dogs are quite common breeds found everywhere in the world. But here we are talking about some of the most expensive dog breeds around the world.

Among the countries with people who like showing and spending money in expensive pets, China is one of top countries with the world’s largest luxury markets as well as home to around 4,447,000 millionaires. This makes China, the second country by the number of billionaires.

Pet Culture in China

As per the records by Statista in 2019, 34% of total pets in China are dogs which makes dogs, one of the most loved pets in the country.

Besides that, Expensive and rare dog breeds are symbolized as wealth which is as equal as showing and collecting expensive cars.

The most expensive dog

most expensive Tibetan Mastiff
The mastiffs were sold at a fair in Zhejiang province, China meant for sales of ‘luxury pets’. The 12 months old puppy (left to the person) was auctioned and sold in China for almost 2 million US dollars. Photo Credit: AFP

In 2014, an unnamed 56-year-old millionaire from Qingdao bought a dog for 12 million yuan dog(US $1.95 million) a Chinese luxury pet fair. The Chinese lion-like looking dog, Tibetan Mastiff was kept for sale at pet fair in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

What makes the dog so expensive?

The most valuable part of Tibetan mastiffs is they are rare breeds and look like lions. Ancestors of Mastiffs are supposed to be from hunting species of dogs used in central Asia and Tibet by the nomadic tribes. Besides that, Tibetan Mastiffs are also very loyal and protective.

This red-haired dog 2 million worth dog is a mass of an animal, 31 inches tall, and weighing nearly 200 pounds, That makes the dog a valuable part in the family as well as owner for their protection.

Before this sale of US $2 million, another red mastiff was sold in 2011 named ‘Big Splash” for US $1.6 million.

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