The weirdest thing to be one of the most expensive liquid on earth!

expensive liquid in the world

From Gold to Diamond, Dollars to Bitcoins, you might have seen many expensive things around. But have you ever thought about what would be the “most expensive liquid in the world” list be like?

But rather than the list itself we will be talking about one of the things in the top list of most expensive liquid in the world.

Horse Semen

Not just horse semen, but horse semen from some of the best breeds of a racehorse is worth millions per gallon. Weird, right??

Just, For example, The semen of gold-medal-winning horse Big Star costs around $5 million per gallon. This price is nothing near the more expensive horse semen but Isn’t it so expensive?

Big Star
Source: Business Insider

Why is Horse Semen so expensive?

Horses are quite often used for racing and betting. In the world of Horse racing, the horse with a good physique and gene is always superior. This is why people invest millions in horse semen and prepare their horses with the help of genetics.

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