This is how United States is responsible for creation of the internet


The Internet has become a part of our life. From daily recreation activities to professional use, we tend to use the internet in every part of our life.

The revolution of the online world began when Tim Berners-Lee invented something we call today as ‘Internet’ or technically the ‘World Wide Web‘. Almost 90% of people only know that Tim Berners Lee invented the www but the deep knowledge of the invention and its history lets you amazed how networking from now and then differs.

Who invented the Internet?

Many people would say Tim Berners Lee but all of them are incorrect.

But Why?

The term Internet means a connection or network between the computers while the world wide web is a connection of networks around the globe. In short, you can say Tim Berners Lee was inspired by the Internet to create the worldwide web.

Then Who created the Internet for the first time?

First thing, Internet is a very expandable and changing, there is no any particle person to be credited for creation of the Internet.

But the early days of Internet began to revolutionize during 1900s people like Nikolas Tesla came up with the idea of “world wireless system”.

In mid 1900s, Paul Otlet and Vannevar Bush created a system for searchable book and media storage. This led to inspire the coming generation into more digging.

In early 1960s, scientists developed the concept of “packet switching,” after MIT’s J.C.R. Licklider coined the idea of an “Intergalactic Network” of the computers.

But Still, Till 1960 there was still no working prototype of the Internet. It took almost 60 years to just develop a working theory from the idea of joining computers with each other.

Shortly after the practical schematics of J.C.R Licklider, the main revolution started.

Connecting the worlds through computer Networks

The invention of Internet by the United States

The first-ever working prototype of the Internet was developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network(ARPANET), an agency that worked for the United States. ARPANET used packet switching for data communication which was already invented by computer scientists.

On October 29, 1969, ARPANET was able to send the first message from one computer to another computer which was a small house-sized giant back then. Although the first transmission was not fully successful as the network crassed in the middle of transmission. It gave a hope that It was possible.

Since then ARPANET started doing more research. In 1970s, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf developed TCP/IP, a set of rules for data transmission through networks.

In 1 January,1983 ARPANET started using TCP/IP. But Still people had no idea about what it was and It was just a reasearch being done by the government.

Shortly after, ARPANET began connecting all their networks and began publisizing the use of networks. Before the Internet was only used by Military.

In 1990, Network of network began more popular among people and finally Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web in a hope to connect the whole world through their computers.

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